Begin your journey with Opennetworks: 

As a Google Cloud Partner, we would like to work with you to understand the benefits of digital transformation in your organisation and in your industry.

Let us guide you through the intricacies of the broader Google ecosystem.  With eight different Google products, each with more than a billion users, it is inevitable that digital organisations looking for consumer engagement will find opportunities.  Together we can understand the benefits of your organisation in the Google ecosystem. 

Once the benefits are understood, through our change management process, we start by delivering G Suite in a way that will give your organisation the full benefit of this bouquet of game-changing business tools. We will deliver G Suite quickly and effectively.

We aim to deliver in a way that will gain an enthusiastic acceptance from your workforce. Working closely with your teams we will plan and execute change management activities that will ensure a seamless, worry-free process.  This process will catalyse a cultural transformation as your workforce starts to gel and collaborate as coordinated entity.  This is a first step in digital transformation. 

Begin your journey with Opennetworks.

Where to from there?  Build products using Google platform as a service or move workloads to Google Cloud.  Use Google machine learning to enhance your current services or use Google's "no-opps" analytics environments.  Understand the range of third party products in the G Suite Marketplace or just keep things simple and enjoy trouble free computing.