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ContactOn is a G Suite mail extension that creates a company wide address book from the Gmail contacts of the entire company staff. ContactOn is an intuitive system which records every digital interaction - emails, proposals and notes. It passively gathers data from every customer/client interaction. Easily find contacts using ContactOn’s voice activated search, then simply click to call directly from your desktop. Control signature management within your company from a central point, transforming your company’s mail signatures into an effective sales and marketing device.


Company wide address book

ContactOn seamlessly creates a valuable data base of all customer and client interactions and information. This requires no active input from busy employees. Repetitive, time wasting communication is avoided by simple access to the relevant information.


Voice activated search for contacts

ContactOn allows you to simply speak the name of the contact you are looking for and brings up their information. Contacts are listed automatically according to relevancy.


Click to call

Every company call is made through one cost effective system and is automatically recorded for future reference.


Signature management

ContactOn signature management ensures that you will have consistent, company wide signatures thus ensuring your brand message and corporate identity.


Bulk Communication

Bulkmail, SMS and communication tracking.


Duplicate Merging

Easily clean and manage duplicate contacts.